4 Ways to Build a Powerful Business Team

4 Ways to Build a Powerful Business Team

Going it alone in business is quite an unsustainable approach. Pretty quickly you’ll run into situations where you wish you others had your back or where you wish someone else could take some of the slack and free up your time so that you can get busy and focus.

But building a powerful business team on the other hand, is just as challenging. Here are four ways you can go about it in the quest to get better results.

Start With Why

Just like Simon Sinek’s famous TED talk and book suggests, you’ll need a “why” in order to motivate others just as much as you would yourself. The greater this “why” and the less it’s about you, the more people will be attracted to your mission, feel empathy for the cause and want to work to their best of ability in helping you to reach that objective.

The better you communicate this bottom line, whether it’s through a mission statement easily accessible and downloadable on your business’ wide area network, or placed on artwork hanging around your workspace, the more people will be reminded of the importance and meaning behind what it is you do. Thus pushing everyone else (and yourself) forward.

Credit When Appropriate

We’re all human beings and we all like to get feedback and acknowledgement for the performance we give. Not communicating anything to members of your team in regards to their output, specifically when they consistently prove themselves when put to the test, is likely to cause upset and demotivation among your employees. Make sure you give credit appropriately, when fully justified and not in a mode likely to appear patronising.

Empathy and Understanding

Nobody likes a boss they can’t relate to. People are best motivated when they feel their thoughts, opinions and feelings are being listened to and respected. They feel valued when people give them a voice and take what they say into consideration.

As a leader you need to approach members of your team as you would any other human being. Be empathetic to their needs first and take them for humans above anything else. We’re all in life together and the more we carry this in our core the better we can expect to help and be helped by the people around us.

Work Together

No doubt you have a team for a reason, but many business’ employees are so disconnected from each other that they’ve barely spoken more than a few words to one another despite years spent working in the same place. Ensuring you bring everyone together, whether through events and activities outside of work or from meetings within it, help people better understand each other and greater solidify and unify the team as a whole.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people, all working toward a common goal and seeking to help one another makes for a very high-reaching business that’s capable of great things. Be the leader you have the potential to be. Pay attention to your team and work on the types of things that help bring greater harmony to your organisation and have people super enthusiastic to come to work everyday.