7 Tips for Success in Any Industry

7 Tips for Success in Any Industry

It doesn’t matter if you’re a software guru or the best sous chef this side of the Atlantic: There are certain attributes that all successful people have. Here are seven ways to cultivate them for wealth and longevity in any industry.


1. Get Online

It’s the 21st century, and everything happens on the Internet. Even if you aren’t a diehard tweeter, it’s important to see and be seen in the digital realm if you want to be taken seriously as a contemporary professional. Even a rarely-updated LinkedIn account is better than no online presence at all.


2. Network, Network, Network

This simply cannot be stressed enough. Studies have shown that anywhere from 30-70 percent of jobs are gained through networking rather than pavement pounding, and promotions are almost always handled on a “who you know” rather than “what you’ve achieved” basis. You have to establish a Rolodex if you want to get anywhere in the business world.


3. Make Yourself an Expert

What distinguishes your resume from the pile? What skills or experiences do you have that other people in your industry don’t? The goal is to find a niche where you can gain success and name recognition within a limited frame of reference. Once you’ve mastered a small circle, you can expand your business to bigger ones.


4. Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication is critical to career building in just about every field. Even if your job involves sitting in front of a computer all day, you’ll still need to be confident and articulate enough to impress interviewers. Work on your public speaking skills until you can dazzle a boardroom just as well as you dazzle your bathroom mirror.


5. Don’t Be Afraid of Change

If things aren’t working out with a particular product, or if you just aren’t achieving the success you’d like in a particular industry, it’s okay to cut your losses and move on. Star City managing director Sid Vaikunta and others like him have bounced around several fields to build their fortune. You don’t have to stubbornly cling to a failing idea just because it was yours.


6. Seek New Opportunities

No one has ever achieved success by staying in their cubicle all day. If you want to move up in your industry, you have to reach out and grasp opportunities as they come. Attend expos, trade shows and professional conferences; go to seminars and workshops; subscribe to podcasts and mailing lists online. The more you put yourself out there, the more doors you’ll have open to you.


7. Fix Your Body Language

Did you know that your body language can speak more loudly than the words actually coming out of your mouth? If you have a weak handshake or timid stance, people’s eyes will glance right off you. You’ll want to develop strong, powerful body language that commands attention in the manner of a CEO. Stand like the person you want to be, not the person you currently are.


If you’re dreaming of a larger income, these are just seven things to keep in mind as you climb the corporate ladder. The beauty of the modern world is that anyone can make it with enough determination, deliberation and dedication, so step up to the plate and see it through.