Aspiring Businesses: Your Best Investment Might Be Through the Window

Aspiring Businesses: Your Best Investment Might Be Through the Window

Out of all of the investments that some businesses can make, few would think that the windows would be a good starting point. However, with these being the only source of light for office workers, and also one of the biggest sources of expense in relation to heat loss – this is an area which should be taken completely seriously.

Of course, new businesses are unlikely to have sufficient amounts of spare cash lying around to invest in a completely new set of modern, technological blinds. It’s in those instances where small companies will make the most out of their resources – and this will usually involve purchasing blinds which can manipulate the amount of light that enters a room, to at least control costs to an extent.

For those more established firms with more financial clout, the windows could be one of the best investment opportunities that hits you this year. Some of the advanced window treatment technologies that are now available can result in some serious benefits for your enterprise.

We’ll start with the most technological solution of the lot; motorized blinds. Most of us know exactly what these are through the names; they are a set of blinds that function on a motor. However, few of us realize the vast savings that can be made just by having a set of these installed. The real benefit behind these blinds rests in the programmable timer that is included, with this allowing the owner to dictate exactly when the blinds are operated. Obviously, during business hours this won’t be enormously beneficial, but on a weekend it can permit companies to allow heat in during the day, and lock it out during the night. Such steps can slash their energy bills.

Another investment that can be made in window treatments revolves around solar shades. The ability to control natural light is one of the key reasons why businesses choose blinds in the first place; but many are left with the problem of this light glaring off computer screens and making them become very difficult to use. This is where solar shades completely eliminate the issue, but still allow natural light to flow into the building at the same time. It’s understood they can block about 70% of UV rays, meaning that the frustrations of the dipping sun are a thing of the past.

It’s also not been unheard of for some companies to invest in blinds for security reasons. Inventions such as the top-down bottom-up shade can cover the bottom portion of a window, while the upper part allows natural light to flow into the office. This means that the workspace is protected from prying eyes, whilst still meaning that employees don’t have to rely purely on synthetic lighting sources as the window is covered.

As you can see, some of the more recent products in the blinds field can make some substantial differences to big companies. Whether this is from an energy efficiency perspective, or just to keep employees satisfied – the differences can be immense.