Community Counts: Business Event Ideas That Get Your Name in the News

Community Counts: Business Event Ideas That Get Your Name in the News

You’re looking for ways to get press. That’s easier said than done, especially nowadays with sites like PRWeb making it so easy to send out a million press releases a month. Journalists are inundated with “news” that’s not really news and they’re tuning out. Here’s how to rise above the noise.

Launch a New Product

Nothing is more newsworthy than the launch of a new product or service, so this should be on your list of ways to get in the news media. For example, if you’re launching a new ice cream shop, you might spend some time coming up with at least one unique flavor that no one has heard of before, use this ice cream packaging to customize and brand your ice cream, and then use a press release to announce it to the world.

The important thing is to advertise something of value without making it an actual advertisement. Journalists love newsworthy events, like product launches, but only when they represent something new, revolutionary (which is pretty rare), or something that’s inherently rare or uncommon.

Host a Business Dinner

Business dinners aren’t just for employees. They have traditionally been used to celebrate milestones, announce new products or services, recognize employees for achievements, or make some other special announcement. If it’s worth holding a dinner for, it’s probably also newsworthy. For example, if you’re announcing the “state of the company,” a journalist might find this interesting if the news includes an announcement that you’ve grown 50 percent for the last two consecutive years and added 100 new jobs to the local economy during a recession.

Hold a Customer Appreciation Event

Customer appreciation events show that you appreciate your clients and customers and the business they’ve given you. It’s also a press opportunity. Today, it’s very common for people to be cynical about corporations. This shows you have a softer side, and it puts a face on an otherwise impersonal entity.

Have a Happy Hour

Happy hour events are almost completely social, so what makes them newsworthy? It can be one of the few times potential customers see you in a non-business setting. This can be important if you work in an overly serious industry, like finance, law, or medicine.

Hold Unique Shareholder Meetings

Shareholder meetings are usually where companies announce earnings and the future outlook of the company. But, they can also be a way for you to generate some more buzz about your company – particularly if you’re not a public corporation and you’re thinking of issuing an IPO.

Host Charity Functions

People love it when companies give money to charities, so this could be a good opportunity for you to get some recognition in the news. Choose a charity you firmly believe in and can say something about. Charity events can be good press, but they can also backfire if it looks like you’re doing it to craft a good image of yourself or for some other self-serving purpose.

Go To Trade Shows

Trade shows are an excellent way to get some press, if only because they’re usually covered by at least one local news organization.

Jessie Richards, now semi-retired, has spent several years in the small business marketing and consulting field. Whenever she has some free time, she likes to share what she has learned over the years. You can find her articles mostly on small business and marketing websites and blogs.