How Presentation Systems Are Changing the Way Meetings Work

How Presentation Systems Are Changing the Way Meetings Work

Presentation systems are technologies deployed by technology savvy companies looking to improved collaboration while saving costs. They have grown popular in the past few years as more companies are becoming enlightened about the benefits of going down this technological route. In what ways have presentation systems changed the way meetings work?

Reduced costs

Reduction of costs was one of the main reasons that businesses first adopted new ways of presenting. Technology has drastically reduced the amount of travel needed for project and client meetings. Presentations over the internet not only save on businesses costs, but also the valuable man hours that would otherwise be wasted on the commute. The systems mean workers from any part of the world can communicate in a meeting and become stakeholders in solutions, and clients can be courted from outside the traditional business sphere of influence.

Increased collaboration

Steven, business presentation system engineer at Videonations, a leading supplier of business tech, explains that ”with presentation systems, it has become easy for files to be shared amongst colleagues. The files shared can be worked on in real time by meeting participants regardless of where they are tuned in from. This easy sharing of files make meetings flow better, and increases stakeholder engagement.

Easy annotations

The best systems offer high quality interactive collaboration experiences. Touch panels can be instantly changed into annotation tools or shared white boards. This allows participants to add to content or make edits with the aid of various writing and drawing tools, as they attempt to arrive at a solution for each meeting agenda.

Improved audio quality

The technology also offers high quality sound to meeting participants in every corner of the room. This means that everyone taking part in the meeting, including those taking part from locations outside the main meeting room, can focus on discussing and making contributions instead of struggling to hear what is being said.

Reductions in meeting length

In many cases, meetings last as long as they do because of logistics that need to be put in place before meetings get started. Wireless systems, however, deal with this challenge allowing meetings to start and progress at a much faster pace. Most of the solutions available today make it possible for anyone to arrange source layouts, control audio, initiate whiteboard annotations, enable remote collaboration etc. with just a few clicks, regardless of the computer, tablet or smartphone being used to take part in the meeting.

Reduced carbon footprint

Many big businesses have hundreds, or thousands, of flights recorded in their name each year. This means sizable contributions to the carbon problems plaguing the world. Embracing new technology means companies are greener. Virtual meetings are far more energy, time and money efficient, and also present a create image on the eco-friendly and technologically advanced fronts.

These are some of the ways meetings have been changed by new meeting and presentation technology. Technology is very important today as businesses continue to look at various ways to transform business communications. Meetings today neednotbe tedious, costly and time-intensive exercises.