How soon to start applying for jobs before graduating?

How soon to start applying for jobs before graduating?

In the past, students tended to leave looking for work until a few months or even weeks before they graduated. However, times have changed. The jobs market of today is much more competitive than it once was and there are more graduates too. If you’re wondering when to start your jobs search, take a look at this brief guide.

The sooner, the better

As a general rule, the sooner you start looking for work, the better. By beginning this process early on, you can take some of the pressure off and you’ll give yourself more time to seek out the ideal roles. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to search for jobs. By visiting the websites of specialist recruitment agencies like STEM Graduates, you can look for roles within your field of interest.

Bear in mind that even if you don’t start seeking work now, your fellow students might. According to a study conducted by High Fliers Research, the majority of undergraduates begin their search for employment a year before they complete their courses. Of the 18,000 students polled, 75 per cent said they had started researching their career options before they entered the last year of their degrees. Some 25 per cent had even started this process during their first year.

The survey also revealed that final-year students now make an average of 7.5 job applications.

Success stories

Highlighting the potential benefits of this organised approach, the research also revealed that around one in four of the students who had submitted applications by the time the poll was conducted in March of this year had received definite job offers.

Pursue multiple opportunities

Of course, it’s not only timing that will affect your success in the jobs market. The intensity of your search will also have a big impact. For the best results, make sure you pursue multiple opportunities, and don’t wait around to see if each of your applications is a success before moving onto the next. By applying for a range of positions, you stand a better chance of finding work.

A caveat

However, there is an important caveat to mention at this stage. Of course you want to get your career off to a flying start, and applying for jobs before you graduate could play a major role in helping you to achieve this. That said, it’s important that you don’t let job hunting take over while you’re completing your degree. If you go overboard with your efforts to land a job, you risk harming your studies.

For the best results, it’s necessary to strike a suitable balance. Exactly what this is depends on your individual circumstances.