Project Management: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Project Management: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Project management involves organizing people and details and overseeing those to whom various responsibilities have been delegated. This is the only way to ensure that a project is executed as planned. However, sometimes, mistakes are made that cause projects to fail.

Failing to make adequate plans is one mistake that project managers encounter. Details are not double-checked, assumptions are made and those coordinating various details do not consult each other.

There is also the other side of the same coin where things are over-planned. This is where too much time is spent on planning with the result that things are done in a hurry at the last minute. There should be planning, an implementation period and a time to review progress so that things are always moving forward step by step leading to the conclusion of the project.

Here are a few common mistakes that project managers should consider in order to do their jobs effectively: 

In today’s day and age, 
internet is available on the go via mobile devices and tablets and emails are the new preferred form of communication. You may have a client that has a last minute creative change or an emergency that is going to prevent you from meeting a deadline. It’s always important to stay connected and be on top of things as they happen in order to achieve success as a project manager. 

Limited resources
Limited resources are huge challenges that a project manager may also have to face. When plans are being made for a project that is to be started in the future, a budget that was made ahead of time may become inadequate when items needed are being purchased. Prices may have gone up or may be out of stock making it necessary to buy from elsewhere perhaps at higher prices or with increased transportation costs. 

Solo flying
Project planning and implementation has to be 
handled as a team. Members of the team who cannot or will not share information, consult and make decisions with other people planning the same project can cause it to fail. Some people are easier to work with than others.

Scope creep
Another reason that a project may fail is when it is allowed to take a life of its own. The focus of a project must be maintained and the decisions that were made as to its scope and purpose have to be kept in check even as decisions as to the details of it are made and sometimes altered.

Managing the problems
Managing these and other problems that may arise with project management can be avoided by leaving the job of project management to those who are well qualified for the job.

Employers are keen on getting the right people with the right credentials to be sure that their projects will be successfully planned and executed. Basic qualifications will get you in the door as part of the project planning team but higher ones will be required to get a managerial position. Courses that can be done online are particularly convenient.