The Benefits of Using a Whiplash Compensation Calculator

The Benefits of Using a Whiplash Compensation Calculator

Basically, it’s a neat piece of software that uses data from the market place together with the details of your own injury to tell you what your whiplash claim might be worth.

What is a whiplash compensation calculator?

For efficiency and reassurance. You’re stuck at home, virtually immobile, because whiplash is extremely debilitating. The problem with whiplash is it really does knock you out. It’s very hard to relieve the pain, whether standing, sitting or lying, making you pretty much helpless and it’s most unlikely that you are able to work until the soft tissue has returned to normal. But you need to do some fact finding about personal injury compensation. Before you start your claim, you want to know the facts and the figures.

Calculate how much you are entitled to

Many people don’t know how much they could be entitled to, if anything. Using a whiplash compensationĀ calculator, the Accident Advice Helpline can give you an estimate of what your whiplash injury might be worth. There are three easy steps:

1 Take the thirty second online test, to check your claim qualifies

2 Give us the details of your injury and where it occurred

3 Get your estimate and start your claim

Should we spell out the benefits of using a whiplash compensation calculator? Find out more here.

The Accident Advice Helpline recommends running your claim for whiplash through the calculator

With our unique 30-second test and our injury questionnaire, we have made it as simple as possible to inform you about your whiplash injury. What’s important is that you can decide at what point to start your claim, and the whiplash compensation calculator gives you the information you need to start your claim. It’s all done online. It couldn’t be more straightforward.

So if you are not sure what the benefits of a whiplash compensation calculator might be for you, find more information about how it works and to start your claim.