Two types of green card you can get in LA

Two types of green card you can get in LA

A green card is basically permission to live in a country permanently. A green card holder is known as the permanent resident of that particular country. In order to stay in a country for a lifetime, you will need a green card. Getting a green card depends on various things such as where you are living and the relatives who are staying in the country you want a green card. Only if either your family is staying there or you want to get married to a citizen in the country, then in such cases you will get the green card for that country.

Family Green Card

The first kind of green card that you can get is if your family or relatives are staying in the USA. You can’t get the green card for any of the relatives. To get a green card, they must be your immediate relatives. The relatives for which you can get the green card includes

  • Spouse which includes all the recent widows and widowers.
  • If the citizen applying is above 21 years of age, parents are also included and you can get a green card for the same
  • If there are any of the children below 21 years of age and also there are also unmarried, they can be counted.

For all of these people, you can get a green card. If you don’t have any of these and other relatives, you can get the visa for them. These include all the accompanying relatives, as well as the family-based preference categories, are taken into consideration.

Green card through marriage

The other way you can get is by marrying the person who is a resident of the country. In such cases, you will get the green card if you want to marry the person you love and he/she is staying in LA. You can get the help of a Los Angeles immigration lawyer to get the green card.

The process to get the green card

No matter which process you fall in, the whole process will consume a lot of time and is very complex. You will need to file an application for the green card and submit all the documents for the same. To make the whole work easier, you can choose one of the Los Angeles immigration lawyers as they will help you in making your application ready in less amount of time. Also, the process will become simpler and you won’t have to worry about anything. The lawyers will handle all the things on your behalf and you will get the green card.

Moreover, most of the immigration lawyer will give you a free consultation. So, you can request them a callback and they will guide through the whole process. If you want to get married, everything is exciting but the process of the green card will remove the stress of the whole process and you will get the green card hassle-free without doing any hard work. Therefore, you should go to the lawyer in order to get the green card easily and in less amount of time and easily.