3 Things Your Seo Company Isn’t Telling You About Digital Marketing

3 Things Your Seo Company Isn’t Telling You About Digital Marketing

No matter how helpful the SEO company you’ve hired might be, focusing solely on your search engine rankings is a big mistake. Yes, investing time and money into developing a successful SEO strategy is important for experiencing growth, but SEO isn’t the only way to get there. Unfortunately, this is not something that your SEO company will ever tell you. Actually, there are quite a few things that SEO companies are trying to hide from the world.


There is No Exact Science to SEO


As soon as you make an appointment with a professional SEO consultant, you might assume that SEO can be compared to the likes of rocket science. Only the real experts know the real deal behind proper SEO. To be honest, though, there is no exact science behind proper search engine optimization. We’re not saying that it’s easy to learn, but just that it’s difficult for someone to claim to be an “expert”.


Part of the reason for this is because SEO is constantly changing. Just consider how the use of keywords has changed within the past few years. It used to be that Google looked for content containing a high keyword density. This meant that web developers and content creators filled web pages to the brim with appropriate keywords.


However, the practices regarding keywords have changed drastically. In fact, Google dislikes web pages that contain too many keywords. More specifically, the keyword that is being ranked for should not exceed 1% of the web page’s content. So in a blog post containing 2,500 words, the keyword will ideally be included within the text 25 times.


You Don’t Always Need a Professional Content Writer


Creating content is one of the main aspects of developing an SEO strategy. The majority of agencies specializing in SEO will have their own professional marketing agents, web developers, and content creators on staff. The agency will try to convince you that hiring a content writer within their agency is a must, but have you ever considered writing your own content?


Sure, hiring a website developer might be necessary since not many of us understand the language of coding. But as long as you have a solid understanding of language and grammar skills, you might be able to create your own informational blog posts. Actually, you might be the best person for the job since you already hold the proper expertise on the industry. But it is unlikely that an SEO specialist will tell you this.


It’s Important to Engage in Other Digital Marketing Tactics, Too


As mentioned before, it is a big mistake to focus solely on SEO for marketing your company. Ranking high on Google and other search engines is definitely important, but it isn’t the only factor involved in growing a business. There is a lot of debate regarding whether or not SEO or social media marketing is more helpful, but we say that you should be engaging in both. An SEO company, however, might not give you the same advice.